It’s Feeling Real

I sat in our services this past Sunday and it really hit me, that was the last time I’d sit under our pastor/teacher David Hegg.  I’ll be preaching on Sunday, our last Sunday at Northpoint.  I turned to Michelle and said, “Now you’ll have to listen to me each Sunday.”  She gracious responded that she couldn’t wait.  Thanks Babe!  I sat with our Elders on Monday night and listened as they went around and shared stories and expressed appreciation for my friendship and ministry in their lives.  Then they gathered around me and laid hands on me as they prayed over me.  They prayed for you guys, prayed for my family, prayed for the Gospel to go forth with power in Ohio.  Then Tuesday, the pastors sat and prayed for each other after lunch and I wept praying for my brothers here that have meant so much to me over the years.  I’m thankful for the love of friends, for emotions, and for the heavenly bond that knows no geographical limits.  Pastor David graciously gave me Sunday to preach my last sermon here, I wrestled with what to preach, it didn’t take too long though, how can I not end my time here in Corona with anything other than Jesus!  So to Hebrews 12:1-3 it is, and “Follow Jesus” the title of my sermon.  Thanks for praying for me during this time, I feel it.  I tell people here that it would have to be something I am so utterly confident of God’s hand in to move me from here, something I’m so excited to be a part of for the Kingdom — and I AM!  I believe God has brought the Spansels and Leroy together, that simple.  

Leaving with sorrow … going with joy,

Pastor Mark