Holy Week Reflections – Palm Sunday

I get how they didn’t get it, I’m not sure I would have either.  A monarchy fallen, a divided kingdom in disarray, deported by enemies, years of captivity, and prophecies of a King who will have a rule from sea to sea (Zechariah 9:10) … then Jesus shows up on the scene.  Could it be?  Will he deliver us from our oppressors, finally?  Let’s get out the palm branches and welcome our rescuer.  He sure appears to fit the bill of qualifications for Messiah.  They rightly understood his identity, but wrongly understood his timing.  The cross, then the crown … suffering, then glory.  Sure, Jesus had tried to explain these things to His disciples, but they didn’t quite get it.  He told them of His suffering, and that He must die (Luke 9:22), but when the Hosannas were raised, perhaps they thought Jesus had underestimated the power of the crowd to usher in His reign … perhaps death wouldn’t be necessary after all, let’s just skip to the part were you overthrow the enemies and bring that “sea-to-sea rule”.  Well, He had set His face like flint toward Jerusalem, but not to rule just yet, but certainly to conquer.  And this would be the week where He would conquer sin and death, making real peace possible between God and man.  This was a foretaste of the ultimate rule when the palm branches will come out again and people from all nations will herald Jesus as King of Kings and Lord of Lords (Revelation 7:9-10).  Let us not move past the cross in our “hunger” for glory … the way of Jesus is indeed the way of taking up our cross and following Him in discipleship until He returns.