0.2 Percent

Take a guess … Number of US kids who don’t have an IPod? Number of Men right now who don’t know what March Madness is? Number of US women who don’t know who Martha Stewart is? Probably true for all of those, but I have no statistics to back those up. But here’s the statistic that has the corner-on-the-market on my prayers right now …

0.2 Percent of Ethiopians in the Northern region of Amhara that have trusted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Why? Because they’re too busy to listen, too rich to see their need, or too apathetic to care? No. Because the lie of Satan has blinded their minds under the darkness of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and as of yet no great Gospel awakening has happened.

But we’re praying for that all to change. We’re praying for a Church Planting Movement to be unleashed with such spiritual power that churches spring up like new flowers all over the area quicker than can be counted. And it starts tomorrow. 50 Ethiopian church planters from the region will begin a three day training equipped to unleash the Gospel like wildfire. E3 Partners, Horn of Africa Ministries, and Leroy Chapel are here to bless it, pray for it, and give heart and soul to start something far bigger than we could imagine. So God gets famous all over the world!

Will you pray for this like a beggar needs food and our lungs need breath? I want every ounce of my human skepticism and fleshly unbelief taken away so I can see and believe the true power of God unto salvation – the glorious Gospel of grace! Will you teach your kids and grandkids to love the lost, care for the broken-hearted, and be motivated solely by the glory of God? May Amharic Ethiopians taste and see that Jesus is good!

Amaseganalo (Thank You),