John Journal 1.4

Journal Entry Reflection: Write and reflect on how the true light enlightens everyone, even those who reject Him.

God is love.  That’s the first phrase that comes to mind.  He is not prejudice, not a racist, not one to show favoritism.  He loves the world, sent His Son to come into the world to save sinners.  I believe in the great doctrines of grace … I love the Reformers and the clarity with which they speak of salvation by grace, and yes, I believe God loves the world.  Bible texts always trump theological systems in my book, and thank you Lord, that Bible lovers of days gone by thought so too.  The Logos created the world, and the Logos was sent to be the Savior of it … how beautiful and poetic is that?  Just as everyone benefits from the Sun, so everyone benefits from the Son.  There is no other way to be saved!  Of course people can stay indoors and hide from the Sun, and so people can harden their hearts to the Son and remain in the darkness, but they are indeed without excuse.  Let me see everyone as loved by God and in need of being exposed to the Light of the Son.  Shine on me God, so I can shine on others!

What I Need to Pray About: Pray about the three great words of 1:12.  Thank God for how each of these words minister to your soul.

Thank you Father that I wear the title Child of God, I peel off the other name tags I’ve stuck on my chest and look so hard to find importance and meaning in … give me the rest that comes from staring into the mirror of the cross and seeing you give me the name Child of God.  May my insecurities flee as the Light drives them away.  I’m humbled that you gave me the right to be born a child of God!  Amen.

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