John Journal 1.3

Journal Entry Reflection: Write and reflect on a few characteristics of a witness of Jesus from the simple description of John the Witness in John 1:6-8.

It immediately jumps out to me – “sent from God”, and I can’t move past that characteristic.  I suppose it was easy for John to know he was sent from God with his mom telling him about his in-womb gymnastics and the stories of dad’s silence, but how do we know if we are sent by God.  As a pastor I immediately think of my calling, but honestly that one was a hard one for me to land on.  I didn’t have any visions, no stories of angelic visits, just a growing sense that God was using my gifts to serve others, and I kept falling more and more in love with the Word and the Church.  Years later I still have to preach to myself that God has sent me to serve his Church, it doesn’t come without doubt, but it increasingly comes with courage and conviction.  I suppose if I step back from my pastoral call a bit, it’s still just Bible truth that as a child of God I’ve been sent to be an ambassador of God to the world … we all have.  So I may not be John the Witness, but I do want to witness to the Light with the same firm conviction that God has sent me to this place for this time to hold up the candle for my world to see.

What I Need to Pray About: Pray about one or two of these characteristics that you would like God to develop in your life.

Help me God to not be swayed by public opinion, nor by the praise or criticism of men, but let me always operate out of the firm conviction that I have been sent by you to serve and bless others.  Of that I need not question, nor shy away from, but courageously move forward in the strength of the Spirit trusting you will use me in the ways you have planned.  Thanks Father for such a sweet calm and confidence that guides my days, months, and years.  Amen.

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