John Journal 1.2

Journal Entry Reflection: Write and reflect on the pictures of Life and Light.  What do each metaphor convey about the work of the Logos?

I find amazing comfort in knowing that the God who created Life and spoke Light into the darkness reigns over me.  I need life and need light … and I need the Word to not let me go anywhere else to find it than Him.  I think more than anything the message of the Work of the Word causes me to pay more attention to life around me, with a keen awareness that all of it finds its Life in Him.  Funny how I tend to forget that life is a miracle, the sustaining of the universe is a miracle, and the transformation of the human heart is a miracle.  I love John’s argument (or foundation at least) that if the Logos created all things, He can bring life to you.  “That you may believe … and in believing have life” (20:31).  I guess at the end of my reflections, it brings me to the call on my life to speak words of life to people, to hold up light in the darkness.  I’m certainly not the Life-Bringer and Light-Bearer, but because the Logos is, I can speak words of life to people, and hold up the light for all to see.

What I Need to Pray About: Write and pray about the power of the Light overcoming the darkness and where you need this light brought in your life.

May my life, Oh God, bring life to people … or I guess bring people to You who gives Life.  May the short days of my existence advance the society in which I live as I hold forth light in it.  Give me an ever increasing awareness of the sustaining power of the Logos in my daily living.  Give me a sense for the ways the Life you’ve brought should propel my life forward … and then give me the wisdom and strength to act!  You created me for a purpose, with a calling, and don’t let me fritter that away or forget what it is.  I’m looking for your power here God to make me an agent of life and light in the path of your Logos who brought it at creation and keeps bringing it in salvation.  Do it God, do it!  Amen.

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