John Journal 1.1

Journal Entry Reflection: Write and Reflect on Jesus as the Word.  What is the significance of this title?

I love reading, love words crafted together chocked full of meaning.  Unfortunately, I’m a rambler and for all that I appreciate about carefully crafted words, I write like I talk. I take 40 words to say what could be said in 4.  But, nonetheless, I like that words mean something.  I think it’s funny that we’ve invented words that mean nothing – yadda, yadda.  We have talk shows, and editorials, and well … blogs I suppose, where words get dump-trucked on us, and frankly come to mean very little.  But I love that God has a Word to give!  He reveals Himself with a Word.  He is not silent to the plight of the planet, His Word is His Son, Jesus.  Man writes volumes, God sends Himself.  Man speculates, God clarifies.  Man questions, God answers.  Before Jesus could be Redeemer, Reconciler, Substitute, He was the Word – Eternal, Triune, Divine.  That means something, it means I gotta listen to what He has to say.  It means I need knowledge, need to be taught, need to be brought to clear understanding.  This title – Word, Logos calls me to be a student of God’s Son.  He wants to be understood, do I seek to understand?

What I Need to Pray About: Write and Pray about God growing your faith through this study in John and coming to even stronger convictions about the person of Jesus Christ.

Give me understanding revealer God.  Grant me the grace to be taught, to receive, to listen.  Let me listen before I speak.  May the teaching by the Logos who saved me be unfolded to me in the written Word by the Spirit for my growth.  God, I know that I know things, and I know that I don’t know things, I just don’t know what all those things are that I don’t yet know, so open my eyes to see the wonderful things of your Son.  Help me see the rational, logical, reasonable truth that sets my feet on solid ground.  And help me to see the unseen, supernatural, miraculous wonder of a Savior who has done it all.  Let me never look for my own word, or the foolish words of men, but only the powerful and living words of the Word.  I know as a teacher I am held accountable for my words, so let them be Yours, let me study well, to teach well, to live well and help others do the same.  May this journey change my life oh God … reveal your Son to me like never before!  Amen.


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