The Church Was Built For Diversity

John Calvin brings a great word commenting on Romans 12:4-6 and the members of the body of Christ, not as a nice “aren’t we different”, but a necessary – “God designed the Church that way”!  Read slowly and carefully …

“Paul speaks now not simply of cherishing among ourselves brotherly love, but he commends humility, which is the best moderator of our whole life.  Everyone desires to have so much himself, so as not to need any help from others; but the bond of mutual communication is this; that no one has sufficient for himself, but is constrained to borrow from others.  I admit then that the society of the godly cannot exist except when each one is content with his own measure, and imparts to others the gifts that he has received, and allows himself by turns to be assisted by the gifts of others. But Paul especially intended to beat down the pride that he knew to be innate in men, and that no one might be dissatisfied that all things have not been bestowed on him, he reminds us that according to the wise counsel of God everyone has his own portion given to him.  For it is necessary to the common benefit of the body that no one should be furnished with the fullness of gifts, lest he should heedlessly despise his brethren. Here then we have the main design that the apostle had in view: that all things do not meet in all, but that the gifts of God are so distributed that each has a limited portion, and that each ought to be so attentive in imparting his own gifts to the edification of the church, that no one, by leaving his own function, may trespass on that of another.  By this most beautiful order and, as it were, symmetry, is the safety of the church indeed preserved.”

Seems Calvin believed and longed for a Safe Church too.  This is a beautiful thing indeed, and one we ought strive toward and pray down the Spirit on until that Day when the Church is forever perfected!

In Need of You,

Pastor Mark

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