How to Pray for Me

This seems like a funny post, I’m not fond of drawing attention to myself, but I get this question often from you all, and I certainly need and love being prayed for, so please hear my heart here as simply a shepherd who needs The Shepherd …

1- First and foremost, that my heart always pumps wildly with delight for the Gospel.  That I treasure nothing more than my Savior.  That I love God with passion, focus, and pleasure.  I am first and foremost a worshipper of God, not a pastor or preacher.

2- Pray for humility.  I am a proud man, I am a selfish man, I am always in need of the breaking work of the Holy Spirit to walk in simplicity, prayer, and faith.  I want to bless and serve people, and without humility I will use and manipulate others … pray that stays far from me.

3- Pray that I disciple and lead my family with grace and truth.  I genuinely believe the admonitions of Paul to those in eldership, if I can’t lead my own family well, then I have no business leading His family.  Pray for the hearts of my children to always be soft to the things of God and to not be jaded or hardened by dad’s “job”.  Pray my heart is always sensitive and in sync to the heart of Michelle.

4- Pray that I serve, preach, counsel, disciple, and lead with an eye to please God alone.  It really is a funny thing how any sermon elicits opposite responses: too heady – too light, too much Bible – not enough, too long – too short, too theological – too much application.  If I live to please people, I will go insane.  Pray I live to the glory of God alone, and then have a patient sensitivity to those God has blessed me with caring for.

5- Pray that I always seek the face of God for the vision and mission of the Church.  Pray that I never grow complacent in the task of making ready the Bride, and pushing the Gospel into the dark places in our world.  Pray I ever stoke the fire of faith as hot as possible in your life and the lives of all I get a chance to interact with.

I covet your prayers for me, my family, and the mission of the Church!

Thanks for serving me,

Pastor Mark


1 thought on “How to Pray for Me

  1. Nice post. I always want expository preaching, tons of theology and even more bible and if I don’t get it, I will hold a bitter grudge. However I will pray that you will follow God’s leading.

    Since I don’t feel at liberty to grab the microphone on Sunday, I will offer a challenge to those who might read my comments. I was disappointed at the applause that followed Mark’s comment on Sunday about country music. I felt that Mark tactfully expressed that country music does not appeal to him. However I don’t understand why some individuals felt the need to communicate publicly that they too don’t like it. In six months of attendance, I have not heard an applause that loud in response to a statement from the pulpit. This was hardly the time to become charismatic. You will find no country music presets on my radio. And that genre of music does not have much appeal with me. And so this was no affront to me. This might be the only time you will catch me on the side of “Seeker Sensitive” but I don’t want “seekers” of any musical preference to put on thick skin to come to Church. We need to cheer and affirm truth, not style.


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