What Happened to Self-Control?

I sit here on Monday, September 14th, 2009 and within the past week a politician, tennis star, and celebrity musician have all acted with utter disregard to what used to be called “manners”.  Guess what Rep. Joe Wilson?  People don’t always say what you want them to say and agree with how you think things should be done, maybe they don’t even always tell the truth.  Guess what Serena Williams?  Line judges don’t always get it right and the calls don’t always go in your favor.  Guess what Kanye West?  People win awards other than you … you may not actually be the center of the universe.

I suppose it’s old fashioned to teach our kids to show self-control, to think before they speak, and that a wise person restrains his tongue … oh wait, of course that’s old fashioned because that’s in the Bible.  Oh Mark, you’re being sarcastic … Forgive me for expecting that our leaders (Wilson) and public figures (Serena and Kanye) actually set an example for us and our children.  Of course they are human, not perfect, and so I too can exercise my self-control in not condemning them, but it sure would be nice to see them actually do that old fashion thing called “take responsibility, and … yes, actually ask for forgiveness.”

Thankfully there are other role-models out there, yes even ones that don’t love Jesus but still understand manners, respect, and self-control.  Thanks to all of you who listened to your mom’s advice and hold your tongue and mind your manners when things don’t go your way.

Just a Rant,

Pastor Mark

1 thought on “What Happened to Self-Control?

  1. Sadly my interest in these outbursts has evaporated. My once passionate thoughts faded with the crash of our liitle laptop. However I will take advantage of this medium to offer sarcastic outrage about your sermon today… Errors in the Bible? Dust mine ears deceive me? By the way, My father in-law got saved while reading a bumper sticker. And since when do pastors read books from princeton? The great theologin Dobie Grey once wrote a song that I think you should listen to and take heed. The song is called “Drift Away”. This song is clearly a musical version of hebrews chapter 3 and 4. Spiritual Meat, if you know what I mean. Now hang in there good buddy. You’re gonna work out these little wrinkles and you’ll be a fine orator one day.

    The brothers and sisters in Hambden send their greetings.


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