Why Real Relationships Matter … It’s Bigger than you just having friends

I love that the Apostle Paul cares about doctrine AND relationship.  I do too!  I’m thankful for the many who have expressed appreciation for the message yesterday, those who also care about the Church being a place of grace and truth.  May we all seek true relationships now made possible through the cross so that others may “become as we are” — free in Christ!

Why not just read this fabulous Tim Keller quote one more time …

“The gospel frees us from the need for people’s approval and adoration so that we can confront and anger the people we love, if that is what is best for them. And although it does not always work, this is the only kind of communication that really changes people. If you love a person so selfishly that you cannot risk their anger, you won’t ever tell them the truth they need to hear. If, on the other hand, you tell a person the truth they need, but with harshness and not with the agony of a lover, they won’t listen to it. But if you speak the truth with lots of love evident at the same time, there is a great chance that what you say will penetrate the heart and heal. A gospel-based ministry is marked by loving honesty, not spin, image and flattery.” – Tim Keller

Oh God, keep us from spin, image and flattery!

Pastor Mark

3 thoughts on “Why Real Relationships Matter … It’s Bigger than you just having friends

  1. I agree wholeheartedly that real relationships must be cultivated in the Body of Christ. Relationships that encourage and challenge one another to be all that we can be for Jesus. Speaking the truth in love to someone else is one of the many things I have yet to learn. A pastor recently said (over WCRF radio) that “truth without love is brutality; love without truth is hypocrisy.” May we not shy away from truly loving one another for God’s glory.


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