Thanks Owen For The Reminder

The greatest sorrow and burden you can lay upon the Father, the greatest unkindness you can do to Him is not to believe that He loves you.


John Owen


Often Owen can be wordy and tough to read (though always worth it), but here he is simple and clear.  Enjoy it!  And make sure you put Sin and Temptation on your reading list if it isn’t yet.  


You’re Loved,

Pastor Mark

1 thought on “Thanks Owen For The Reminder

  1. Thank you for encouraging us to read the great Puritan works! I am an Edwards fan myself because he is very readable and so relevant to our country’s Christian heritage. Its ironic
    ( providential) to see this post this morning as we are going to be reading ” Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” this morning in Literature. I think I will order “Overcoming Sin and Temptation” to restore the balance!

    Those who read, Lead!!!

    So glad you are here Pastor Mark,



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