Holy Week Reflections – Saturday

“What are we doing here?  How did we draw the assignment to guard a dead body?  What do they think is going to happen anyway?  Then again, that stuff that happened yesterday as Jesus died was pretty crazy.  Did you see Jacob and Salome?  They had died a few years back and came strolling into the market alive.  You have to admit there was something rather unique about that guy.  I feel a strange sense of guilt over the stuff I said about him as we all threw insults at him hanging up there … and at the same time like I’m not a hopeless cause.  I was amazed at the composure Jesus had in forgiving the other guy who was being executed next to him.  He had such grace and tenderness in his voice that made me want him to speak to me with such mercy.  Weird, he’s the one that needed mercy … or so it seemed.  It’s funny that now as we stand outside his tomb I’m wishing I could have asked him some questions to really understand a bit more about his message.  Oh well, too late now.  Or is it?  Maybe there’s a chance that what he said about rising up on the third day might be true.  Maybe he really was from heaven.  Maybe he really did offer something that no one else ever has?  Maybe he is the answer to life I’ve been looking for.  If he does come to life I know I’m going to make sure I get my questions answered this time … or maybe that will be all the answer I need.”


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