Holy Week Reflections – Friday

“The whole value of the meditation of the suffering of Christ lies in this, that man should come to the knowledge of himself and sink and tremble.  If you are so hardened that you do not tremble, then you have reason to tremble.  Pray to God that he may soften your heart and make fruitful your meditation upon the suffering of Christ, for we of ourselves are incapable of proper reflection unless God instills it.”             –Martin Luther

The earth shook, do you tremble?  Have the words “It is Finished” become a trite phrase to you rather than a call to awe?  The veil of the Temple torn in two, supernatural darkness covering the whole land for three daytime hours (Luke 23:44-45), rocks split in half, tombs opened and dead saints raised to life (Matthew 27:52) … just another day in history for you?  Please say it isn’t so!  If you don’t have a visceral response to these events, check for a pulse.  If you still wonder what was really happening here and who this man really was, cry out for open eyes and an open heart.  God had just crushed His own Son so that you might become the righteousness of God in Him.  A gift never to be equaled or repeated … done for you!  Tremble, express thanks … and vow once again to a life consumed with the worship of a glorious God!

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