Holy Week Reflections – Thursday

Well our days get quite full now.  Thursday was a long day for our Lord as it went way into the night and right into the dreadful Friday.  So much to reflect on and consider from His movements and the choices of those around Him … but let me take one – Peter.  This was a rough day for our friend Peter.  In the garden as Judas leads the cohort of people from the chief priests and elders to arrest Jesus, he pulls out his smuggled little dagger and takes a swipe at Malchus, missing his head and slicing off his ear (Matthew 26:47-56).  Then only hours later across the Kidron valley back at Caiphus, the high priests house, he is keeping a safe distance from the mock trials that have begun inside as he wanders the courtyard.  You know how it goes, he gets called out by those who see him as one identified with Jesus, and he dismisses their claims and denies his Master (Matthew 26:69-75).  So what to make of Peter?  He is passionate.  He is protective.  He is confused and still doesn’t know how to fit together the words of Jesus with his own plans and passions.  Hmmm … sounds like us doesn’t it?  We know what Jesus has said, know what His teaching is about, and yet we have plans and we can be super passionate about them, so much so that we can act in ways that go contrary to the way of Jesus.  We’re well meaning, as was Peter.  We’re fervent for God, as was Peter.  But we’re dead wrong, as was Peter.  Oh, that we submit, submit, submit to the way of Jesus over the passions of our own plans.  

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