Holy Week Reflections – Wednesday

Since we know Jesus was crucified on the day before the Sabbath (Friday) also known as the preparation day (Mark 15:42; John 19:31), Wednesday in our chronology is known as a silent day.  Huh?  Interesting?  You mean on the most important week of Jesus’ life He sat around and did nothing?  Well, yes … and no.  Of course we don’t know what this day looked like for Jesus because it was … well, silent.  But I’d surmise that He spent time with his friends and before His Father.  Remember they had headed to the garden to spend the night on Tuesday – the first night they stayed in Jerusalem.  The nights previous they had returned to Bethany to bed down presumably at the house of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus.  But now, the time has come to stay in Jerusalem and prepare for the coming events.  Perhaps Jesus spent the morning interacting with the disciples – teaching, praying for them, counseling them on individual strengths and weaknesses they needed to be aware of for the future — Enjoying relationship with His friends.  Perhaps He took a prayer retreat and wandered the hillside reflecting on the mission the Father had sent Him on, praying for those who would scatter after the mock trials began, interceding for those He had meet who were yet to believe in His message — Enjoying relationship with His Father.  I know I’m arguing from silence, but how powerful is this – a day of strenuous teaching ministry (Tuesday) followed by a day of rest (Wednesday).  Not sleep in, lazy rest … but active prayerful, relational rest.  If our Lord took the time in the midst of a busy week and burden-filled week to make prayer and relationship a priority, why in the world do we think what we do won’t survive if we don’t work so hard to keep it going?  A pattern of rest was set by God the Father in creation and a pattern of rest set by Jesus the Son during the passion.  Find your Sabbath rest in Jesus and practice it by slowing down enough to take a walk thanking God for the beauty of creation and the beauty of His Son.  Don’t blow by people at a frenetic pace, slow down enough to offer them love and encouragement … this is the way of Christ.

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