Holy Week Reflections – Tuesday

Big Day!  This is Jesus’ last day of public ministry and He teaches and teaches.  Lots could be drawn out here, but I’ve always found it puzzling why Jesus curses the fig tree on Monday morning because it doesn’t have any fruit on it when He goes over to it (Mark 11:12-14) and then the next day they all pass by it and the disciples are amazed that the tree withered away (Mark 11:20-25).  Of course it wasn’t because Jesus got mad at the tree, but it was a picture, a metaphor to be used later to teach His disciples about faith and prayer.  And that’s where I’ll camp this day – Faith and Prayer.  Jesus has taught on prayer, modeled prayer, but we really don’t see the disciples praying during Jesus’ earthly ministry.  I suppose that makes sense to a degree … why pray when you can talk to Jesus right there with you?  They don’t really understand its power in battle to speak directly to the General of the troops, but there again, I don’t think we understand this power much either.  The Garden is coming, where Jesus invites them into battle with Him, but they fall asleep, but I get ahead of myself.  Here they see the withered fig tree and Jesus calls their attention to “Have faith in God” (Mark 11:22).  I am soon to leave, and you must keep talking to Us, you must believe that We are with you (of course they still didn’t yet understand how the coming of the Spirit would be even better for them than Jesus being there with them).  The passion week is a call to prayer for us.  It reminds us that these events are not natural, they are supernatural, and so is the battle we are in.  Don’t fight supernatural battles with natural weapons – have faith, believe, pray!  I still haven’t tossed any mountains into the sea (Mark 11:23), but I do believe in the power of God to do greater than that – He changes hardened sinners into worshipping saints … and He never stops that supernatural process of making us new.  Will you pray hard?  Pray expecting?  Pray believing the God who has the authority to do all things will do all things for your good?


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