Holy Week Reflections – Monday

He had cleansed the Temple of money-grubbing businessmen before.  Early on in His ministry He was motivated by zeal for His Father’s house and flipped tables, made whips, and drove out those who had anything but prayer on their mind as they went to the Temple (John 2:13-17).  Now He shows up at the beginning of the end, headed to the cross, and still filled with zeal for the glory of His Father (Mark 11:15-19).  He has Scripture on His lips as He directs people to a focus on prayer and the nations.  He’s not wickedly angry, blowing people away with a glory-seeking vengeance.  No, His is a passion for the Father, a seeking after true worshippers, and a love for holiness that is no mere form or show of spirituality.  Others should have fought for the purity of the Temple courts.  The leaders should have sought to preserve and pursue genuine worship.  And yet no one did.  Do you pursue purity, genuine worship, and holy obedience?  Or do you wait for someone else to do it first?  Wait until your sin catches up with you?  Wait until you are sure to be caught?  Jesus’ cleansing of the Temple calls us to a cleansing of our hearts from all the money-grubbing businesses we set up to promote ourselves and possess what we think will bring us satisfaction.  Flip the tables, drive them out!

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