Set Free Celebrations

I always want to accomplish so much on a Sunday morning.  I want time to soak in the Word, time to rejoice in song, time for intercession, time for reflection and sober-mindedness, time for confession and repentance, time for testimonies, time for silence, time for vision and mission, time for local and time for global, time for individual and time for corporate … I find that on Sunday there just isn’t time for everything under the sun, or even everything we “ought” to be doing, so what wins?  Well, my simple answer is the Gospel wins, if we don’t focus our hearts on the cross – through the Word, prayer, and spiritual songs, then we lose.  Everything else flows from that, and often times it fits and “feels right” to move into a time of personal confession, other times to seamlessly flow into vision-casting and direction for mission, and sometimes we just come to the place of silence to pray.  All these are needed and all of them are worship if we come to them with hearts of love for our great God.  Well, it just fits that as we come to this book of Galatians and the call of God to not submit to a yoke of slavery, but live in the freedom for which we’ve been set free (Galatians 5:1) that we celebrate the work of God in setting us free together!  

We’d love for you to use the “tab” that says “Transformation Testimonies” on the front page of my blog to post a “comment” that celebrates your “set free testimony”, this will stand as an ongoing journal of God’s work in our lives at Leroy Chapel.  Then through the series we want some of you to share these in our services so part of our corporate time is focused on the glorifying of God as we affirm His work in other people’s lives (Galatians 1:24).  Remember this is worship, this gives glory to God, so there is no need to be shy or feel embarrassed, let us rejoice in God for answered prayer and His powerful work!


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Pastor Mark

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