Fighting Isn’t the Goal, But not the Enemy

So on Sunday I encouraged some of you to go “have good fight with your spouse” when you got home.  That may have struck some of you funny, and others as nothing uncommon.  Some of you emailed me telling me you didn’t obey the admonition and hoped you wouldn’t be church disciplined 🙂  And some of you said you probably needed to have that conversation but weren’t sure how to start.  Here’s the deal … We are self-protective, peace-keeping, people-pleasers … every last one of us.  We all have our own devices, techniques, and clever schemes for making life work the way we want it to, but we are all the same in what our heart seeks.  And unless we live at the cross, finding our acceptance and identity in God’s Jesus work, we “pop” into action spinning wildly or quietly into “I matter” mode.  I really don’t want to encourage strife in the home, but I do want to promote honesty, depth, and courage … and always humility.  My point here is that for many of the relationships in your life, you falsely call them “good, or at peace” when in actuality they are merely superficial, “surfacy”, and violently committed to self-protection and self-promotion.  Welcome to the Galatian church community.  They feared rejecting the Judaizers lest they be rejected.  They wanted peace so their world wouldn’t get too messy, and as a result they deserted the Gospel of grace, embraced false teachers, and shunned the one guy who really loved them enough to speak truth.  Thanks Paul, for loving grace more than “false peace”, for loving Gospel more than “smooth sailing”, and for going after the Galatians people-pleasing souls with such fervor that we feel it hitting us today.  

Please love each other enough to deal with real issues.  Pursue the kind of peace that is willing to break the peace.  Flee people pleasing with the passion that can really love people.  And most of all make your one aim to cherish the grace of the Gospel as an undivided servant of God.  Now go kiss your spouse!

Living in Galatians 1:6-10,

Pastor Mark

1 thought on “Fighting Isn’t the Goal, But not the Enemy

  1. MY husband and I have had many problems and at the brink of breaking up over the last couple of years, and the fighting is at times non stop and it took a tole on our marrage. Over the last year I have been counsiled by many people on the role of the wife in the home and it is very difficult for me to grasp. Not wanting to give up control and allways finding blame is very easy to do when you know that your right and they are wrong. Well God has been showing me thing not very gently lately and I think I am finally ready to surrender! It is easy to walk away but painfull to look at yourself and what you brought to the relationship. The lord was broken me and all that is left is to make things better even if it means to be selfless in all ways! Better pray for me for that cause we all know that I am a little strong willed. Please pray for our marriage and for me to serve my husband with a quiet and gentle spirit. Thank-you for the love and support of all my brothers and sisters in christ


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