Partnership & Purpose

Well, what’s on my heart this morning is how much I love talking about the Gospel, like I got to yesterday morning.  And the thing that enhances that all the more is, (1) to feel like I’m doing it with a group of people who thirst for it, want it, want God to use them.  I do feel so blessed by my pastoral partners Jeff and Tom, and by a group of elders that are my friends and partners.  Then to look out at a group of people who resonate with the message, even when it hurts (I saw some squirming yesterday).  You have no idea how that fuels the heart of a preacher, a pastor, a leader to do even better than he thought he was able to.  The Spirit of God uses you to strengthen me, how cool is that!  (2) to feel like we are moving somewhere for the right reasons.  There really just is such a sense of the Spirit of God at work in this community, and I’m excited to hang on as we step out in faith.  The blessing of praying with a room full of people on New Years Eve who so want the glory of God displayed in their lives, in our world, and in this community and beyond.  May God do as He wished through us in 2009!  Let’s do our part to be people of ONE message, people devoted to PRAYER, and people given over to LOVE!


Bring on 2009,

Pastor Mark

2 thoughts on “Partnership & Purpose

  1. Thanks for having us read the book, “The Cross Centered Life”. We’re reading it together as a family, and I’m also reading it on my own. I’m excited to see God working in and through the body of Leroy Community Chapel as we seek His face.


  2. This book is driving me to analyze more deeply what motivates me to do what I do. Thanks for giving me a new perspective through this book
    (and “THE BOOK”) .


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