It Is Real!

We’re here!  I live in Ohio … and I’m already loving it.  I know, you all very quickly tell me to wait until winter, and then when I say that I’m excited about that too, you say, the first one is fun but wait until the second.  Well, in any case, this CA boy is excited to actually experience seasons … there are four, right?

I’m so thankful for your prayers for us over the past months.  It has been, and still is, a whirlwind of transition, but this I know – Our God is Constant!  It’s always good, not always fun, but good to be reminded that this isn’t our home.  Not CA, not OH, not anywhere I can put my sight – for we live by faith and not by sight.  Oh how I’ve cherished the reality of a home so much grander than anything this world can offer.  But for now, we have an abode to lay our heads, and a really nice one (Thanks Duryea family for renting us yours!)  

I know I don’t know you all yet, nor do I even know all that I don’t know about life and ministry at Leroy Chapel, but I promise you this —  I will labor with all the grace God supplies to walk deeply and passionately with my God so that I can stoke the fire of your souls to greater worship and genuine transformation.  I’m not going to call you to anything I’m unwilling to live out myself, I want transformation … in me, in my family, in this community, and in the world.  

I so enjoyed preaching my last sermon at Northpoint (Follow Jesus – Hebrews 12:1-3) that I thought you all might like to hear it too.  So, before jumping into a new series at Leroy, we’ll begin where I always want to end – Running the race set before us because Jesus ran the race set before Him.   

See you Sunday,

Pastor Mark