I Love Sundays

Man do I love Sundays!  It’s not that one day is more holy than another … the Gospel has made every day a day of worship (Colossians 2:16).  It’s not that the Word has more power to pierce our soul Sunday than the other six days, it’s always ready to undo us (Hebrews 4:12).  And it’s not somehow that we get more grace, favor, or blessing by coming to church, He is always ready to lavish His grace upon us whenever we ask (Hebrews 4:16).  It’s just that on Sunday we call our hearts and minds away from lesser things to set our hearts on the greater thing (Colossians 3:2), we rehearse here for that great and glorious Day to come(Revelation 5:11-14), and as we set the LORD before us we are reminded that in His presence is fullness of joy (Psalm 16:8-11).  My Sundays start early – coffee, quiet, prayer, anticipation, reflection, dependence, more prayer, the smell of the church building, the empty space soon to be filled with precious believers, the desire to see many embrace the Gospel for the first time, the joy of corporate worship, kids running around, the sweetness of the preached Word, the weary built up, the burdens of the week lifted, the weight of sin repented of, the hope of heaven sought, God exalted in the midst of broken pots … WOW, it’s a foretaste of glory divine!

Can’t wait to enjoy Sundays with you all,

Pastor Mark 

3 thoughts on “I Love Sundays

  1. Mark and family
    My family and I, as well as many I’ve talked to, are so encouraged that God has put us together as part of the body of Christ. I quess I have been praying for you for about a year and a half, though I didn’t know who you were at the time. You mentioned that one of your greatest fears (or concerns) was that you couldn’t meet all of our differing expectations. Although I pray it isnt bad, I’m positive that there are sinners in our church, mainly because I attend. I, and many others, are convinced that you are the man God has appointed for such a time as this and so I am convinced that whatever the Lord puts on you heart, is what this body needs to hear. Be encouraged and know that many are praying for you and your family because our trust is in the Lord. And by the way, its been 90 degrees for the last 4 days with really high humidity, I really don’t like it. How is the home sale going? We heard some encouraging news about offers and such.
    In His Name
    Mike, Kim, Zach, Cassie, Torie, and Josh Dahl


  2. Praise God..to the Congregation of Leroy that God has called the Spansel Ministry team. I have known the Spansels ever since they graced EV Free Corona and each one brings a measure of ministry of God’ Love Grace Goodness and greatness.

    If you asked me to define Mark’ Ministry paradigm it would be.. the way God has taught him to rely on listening to God through his Word and being able to effectively and articulately teach. Mark is always striving for excellence for he knows he represents the King of Kngs and Lord of Lords but also recognizes the need for being flexible…since he has dealt with many oxen (prov 14:4)before and does it in a Christlike way. I have laughed with him cried with him and been on gospel journeys where God blessed us to lead others to Christ. He is authentic and lives a Cross centered life.

    One of the quotes Mark led me to be passionate about to this day is from Wm Carey..” Expect great things from God, attempt Great things for him.”

    I have seen that verse played out in Mark life to a true conclusion many times..because at the end of the Day he believes God promises are true since they are based solely on his character of Holiniess Greatness Goodness and Grace.

    Grace and Peace Brothers and Sisters you have 9 Gifts from above coming your wayand I trust that God will do great things through Leroy Chapel as you embrace them.

    Phil Presley


  3. Welcome – My family has not “officially” met you face to face but we did hear you when you preached at Leroy. We are very happy that you are joining us and we look forward to see what God has in store for us all.

    The Swietliks’
    Don, Kathy and Mike


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