From Southern California to Northeast Ohio

So, here goes!  This website is for my new family at Leroy Community Chapel as we begin this journey together as God’s people in Northeast Ohio.  I want you all to know who I am, how I think, what I dream of, pray for, and plead with God to accomplish through us.  I want you to know how I walk with God, my heart to humbly lead His Bride, and to turn Ohio and beyond upside down for the Gospel.  To which you realists say, “He’s young, idealistic, what is this turn the world upside down stuff …”  And my response is, “I want my dreams to be bigger than my memories … I want to attempt things for the Kingdom that are beyond my ability to accomplish in my lifetime.”  And in all of that we will throw ourselves on the grace of God to find our only identity in His Story, in His Mission, for His glory.


It’s going to be a couple months before the nine of us get to be with you all in the Buckeye state, but let’s “talk” now.  You web-savvy folks will bookmark this blog and wonder what Spansel is talking about next.  And maybe for some of you this will be a new adventure in the “techie” world as you see that it’s not all evil.  In any case, for however much any of you read this, please know I don’t think I have great and profound thoughts to share here that no one has thought before, or deep theological insights that you couldn’t read in a systematic theology, but I do have a heart that is unique to me … and that is what I want my church family to hear – My heart to shepherd the people of Leroy to live transformed lives in the world!  And to that I pray, “May God make it so!”


Already in love with you all,

Pastor Mark